So You Need a Website?

By Lacey Picazo

When you want to make the leap to a web presence, the first thing to consider is your domain name. Often times your ideal title is already taken, so how do you choose?

Check out the Seven Steps to the Ideal Domain article from .NetMagazine on how a domain name can make or break a business. The most important aspects? The name should represent your business, be short, memorable and easy to spell. Following that simple guideline alone will help your website rank higher in search engine results. Zoco designs countless websites but are often approached after the client has invested in (and become attached to) a web title. Referencing these seven steps in short, what should you consider when choosing this all-too-important title?

  • Choose the Right Suffix: Generally “.com” is the best choice. This suffix makes your company appear more global, competitive and professional.
  • Short and Sweet: In the world of web domains, the shorter the better; so long as your choice is still legible and significant to your brand. This helps potential visitors remember and share your domain.
  • What’s in a Name: Whenever possible, use your company’s name as the domain. That way, when people search for your business, it will be easy to find.
  • When YOU are the Brand: If you are your brand and are selling your service (you’re a copywriter, a designer, a photographer, etc), just use your name! It is the easiest way to build your brand when your identity is you. If your name is taken, add the profession or field. Try to AVOID hyphenation.
  • Mrspellings: If your domain name is an easy one to misspell, you may often lose web traffic. Keep it simple whenever possible.
  • Domain Portfolio: To avoid other businesses hijacking your brand or identity, try to buy all domain suffixes. You don’t want someone out there pretending to be you with instead of
  • Mobile Optimization: As smart phones become more and more prevalent in the web space, optimizing your website for mobile becomes more essential. Talk with us and we’ll help get your site where you need to be.

Need any further help choosing the perfect name? Get in touch and we’ll use our knowledge of best practices to help set you up with the right domain.

Lacey Picazo