OSU Design

By Lacey Picazo

VCD Alums Win at CSCA Pinewood Derby

Visual Communication Design alums Lacey Picazo (2011) and Michael Bower (2013) were both winners at the recent Columbus Society of Communicating Arts (CSCA) annual Pinewood Derby event.

Both work at ZoCo Design in Columbus, where Lacey is Principal + Chief Creative Officer, and Michael is a Graphic Designer.

Lacey is in the center in the photo below, and Michael is at the left. Also shown is their ZoCo colleague Luke Vouis, Project Manager, Social Media, at the right.

Lacey’s car, an homage to George Costanza of Seinfeld television fame, won in the “Most Creative” category. Michael’s car, know as “The Heisenberg,” won in the “Fastest Car” category, finishing in first place in all heats.

Congratulations to Lacey and Michael, and to all the participants in what turned out to be an enjoyable evening for everyone involved.


Lacey Picazo