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By Lacey Picazo

Women in Business: Q&A with Lacey Picazo | Columbus Business First

A little more than a year ago, Lacey Picazo launched her design business in Grandview with a mission to help companies build “truly great, effective and authentic brands.” She has eight years of experience and is an Ohio State University graduate.

You say you never design something just for the sake of being pretty – it has to be all about intent. Please explain.

“Design should always be intentional, and by that I mean it should have purpose. At ZoCo, we craft our designs around research and strategy, making every decision based upon what is going to deliver business value, with each design being geared toward achieving the goals of the individual client. We thoroughly explore each possible outcome so we understand the challenge at hand and understand the solution that can achieve the desired objective. For example, what makes a customer select your product over another on the shelf? What makes one website more successful than another? Or what kind of ad will drive a consumer into action? In the end, the answer is always intentional and purposeful design.”

Tell us about being active with NAWBO and TechColumbus. How is that helping you build a client base?

“The benefit of NAWBO is being surrounded by so many other inspiring and passionate women who truly want to make a difference in their businesses and their communities. I have been able to form several meaningful relationships where we are able to support and learn from one another. For TechColumbus, ZoCo is an active partner in their Expert Network program, offering in-kind services to promising startups. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with and be able to help these aspiring business achieve their goals. Making genuine connections in both groups has definitely been an asset to our business. As a byproduct of getting to know one another, we often realize that our design services could be a good fit for assisting other businesses to meet their own objectives, which has increased our referrals and client base.”

Tell us how your industry is being transformed by digital, social, apps, “user experience” and responsive design?

“There are more opportunities to convey your message, connect with your consumers and market your brand than ever before. Unfortunately, this also means there are more methods to portray yourself in a way that doesn’t align with your brand, and even in ways that could actually hurt your image. In this digital age, everything is fast-paced, and design trends, standards and best practices are no exception. What seemed current and cutting-edge one month can quickly become outdated, stale and overused the next. I help my clients navigate this ever-changing landscape to craft creative and fresh brand expressions that fit their company and overall goals. We use strategy and careful planning to craft authentic and relevant designs that differentiate our clients from their competition. We never want to just mimic the latest trend in social feeds.”


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Lacey Picazo