43 Resources We’re Thankful For

By Hannah Greene

With all the resources out there, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving by assembling a list of all the design resources we’re thankful for. From stock photography to current trends, we’re sure there’s something for everyone on this list.


Free Stock

Free Stock Photos

Thank heavens that in this day and age there are so many free stock sites that have wonderful photography. Everyone has their go-to destination, but these are the sites we frequent for free photos when designing mockups or wireframes.

 1. Pexels

2. Death to Stock Photo

3. Minimography

4. Realistic Shots

5. Unsplash

6. Kaboom Pics

7. Pixabay

8. Foodies Feed


Free Mockups

Who doesn’t love mockups? There are plenty available for purchase, but these resources have some great free downloads.

9. Mockerie—This site allows you to create interactive mockups. Since posting this blog, they have removed all free versions. Womp womp.

10. MockupWorld

11. immagiPic

12. Psdddd

13. PSDcovers


Color Inspiration

Color Guides

Have you ever wondered what colors are used in the different Pokemon? Or maybe you need the brand colors for Target. From color inspiration to guidelines, these are our favorite color websites.

14. Guideline Colour

15. Pokemon Palettes

16. Swiss Colors

17. Love Your Palette

18. Brand Colors

19. iOS7 Colors

20. Kuler

21. COLOURlovers


The Noun Project and Trendwatching

22. The Noun Project

Do you really want to make icons from scratch for the myriad of concepts that won’t even be chosen? No. Save time and find standard and reference icons to build from. A monthly all-you-can-download membership is only $9.99/month.

23. Trendwatching

Always insightful and entertaining, Trendwatching publishes several free trend reports every year. You can find their latest one about the 5 Consumer Trends for 2017 here.

24. Titlecapitalization.com

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to capitalize a title? Does your office get up-in-arms debating the capitalization of ‘with’? Take All the Debate out of It.

25. iOS Design Guidelines

There are tons of guides out there, including one from Apple. However, my favorite is the one from Ivo Mynitten.

26. Material Design Guidelines

With the rise of Material Design, Google’s visual language guidelines are fantastic.


For moodboards or eye candy, these are our go-to inspiration sites.

27. Dribbble

28. Awwwards

29. Designspiration

30. Niice

31. Thedesignblog

32. Under Consideration Brand New

33. Product Pages


These help us get our sh*t together. You can learn more about our favorite 5 Organizational Tools to help Keep Your Team on Track.

34. Invision for Prototyping

35. Harvest Time Tracking

36. Typeform for surveys



Slack Integrations

We LOVE Slack. Sometimes a bit too much. These are our most beloved uses.

37. /giphy

38. Trello

38. 11am and 2pm Drink Water reminder

39. Slack Deletron—Did you know all those giphys actually take up your free space? This will save you and your team from individually deleting them all.

40. Creative Cloud’s Assets

With CC, you’ve got access to a ton of assets—from photography, UX/UI, patterns, and vectors. All right there from that little cloud thing. Who knew?

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41. Corporate Ipsum

42. Startup Ipsum

43. Hipster Ipsum


44. Wordmark.it—Quickly browse any word in every typeface on your computer.

Hopefully you found something you’ve never seen before on this list and that it can become a resource in and of itself. Do you have any favorite resources? Email me and let me know what gets your pixel-loving self going.


Hannah Greene