Rapid Prototyping: Should there be an app for that?

By Hannah Greene
How we visualized the future of healthcare, fast.

Remember way back when, during the ‘There’s an app for that’ phase, where there really was an app for that? Then we all realized that building apps is expensive and the probability of making money off of said app is stunningly low? 


That wasn’t necessarily a good time, but it’s led us all to a smarter time where we evaluate and validate investments for things like apps and digital products. One of the best ways to help with this is through rapid prototyping, which leads to what this post is all about…


Once upon a time…

A couple of employees from one of the nation’s largest health systems had a really annoying problem—it was something they knew other people experienced too (if we could tell you more about the who and the what, we would).


In order to move the project forward, they had to get leadership buy-in. To do that, they had to articulate their vision in a compelling way. Sure they had a bunch of ideas, but they couldn’t visualize or prioritize them. 


So they came to us.


While we prefer to start every project with solid research, sometimes clients just need a place to start—a jumping-off point. That’s where rapid prototyping really comes into play. The definition is in the name: quickly iterating on something to explore what works and what doesn’t with minimal investment. 


Here’s how this project went down:

Hannah Greene