Senior UX Researcher

We are actively recruiting for our next Senior Researcher (posted June 2021). We are anticipating needing to continue to grow our research and product design teams both now and further into the future, so we may keep this role open beyond the summer. We want to start getting to know more of you wonderful UXers and researchers, so even if you’re only passively exploring opportunities for the future, let’s get to know each other. Email us at

ZoCo is looking for an experienced UX Researcher who can lead and develop insights, leveraging both qualitative and quantitative data, to inform our experience design, product design, and brand practices.

We are looking for a Senior UX Researcher who takes immense pride in their work. Our ideal candidate drives to deliver the best product possible, and is always looking for opportunities to improve. They have the ability to make thorough and thoughtful decisions that consider both user and client needs. Because we serve clients, this person will also be able to handle feedback and work under fast-paced timelines without sacrificing quality.

Our ideal teammate is willing to help where needed and eager to try new things for the good of the team—even in roles outside of their everyday. A natural leader, this team member works well with others and is able to articulate the impact of their choices. This role works closely and frequently collaborates with our account team, but is also detail-oriented and able to set timelines for their tasks and meet them. They will be a ZoCo ambassador and show team pride both in and out of the studio.          

Though ZoCo is a multi-faceted design studio requiring team members to work on a wide variety of projects, a strong understanding of user-centered design research methodologies will be most important for selection. Ideal candidates will showcase a portfolio with user experience design informed by research.

Job Responsibilities

  • Has a toolbelt of mixed research methods with the understanding of when to apply which method in each situation
  • Creates all research study materials, including deliverables like screeners, discussion guides, surveys, usability tests, and make tools
  • Facilitates remote and in-person workshops, interviews, co-creation sessions, usability tests, and focus groups — whether with the client team or their external audiences
  • Analyzes research findings collaboratively using techniques like coding and clustering
  • Articulates research findings into accessible, story-driven reports outlining the themes and opportunities
  • Translates research themes into easy to understand design concepts, especially in relation to digital experience design
  • Collaborates with your design peers and provide thoughtful feedback and discussion
  • Contributes to the development of customer journeys, wireframes, content, and visual designs
  • Works closely with the design and UX teams to align our work to research insights—you are the user advocate and insight expert for new ideas

Professional Qualifications

  • 4-year degree or equivalent work experience related to this role
  • 3–6 years of experience conducting quant & qual research
  • Portfolio or case stories demonstrating experience in UX research 
  • Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills are required
  • Experience as lead designer or researcher is preferred
  • Strong competency with quantitative analysis in spreadsheets
  • Meticulous attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills
  • Proficiency in Excel or Google Sheets
  • Experience facilitating various qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Experience distilling research findings into themes and opportunities that inform design decisions
  • Experience translating research insights into intuitive design concepts
  • Experience designing research methodology for a range of project objectives
  • Ability to validate design concepts through user testing practices

Think you can hang? We’d love to hear from you. Please share your information with us at

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